Entrepreneurial Focus

Entrepreneurial Focus

Imagine combing both the academic and the entrepreneur, with the skills to use current and emerging technology! The advent of hugely successful technologically driven giant enterprises in the 21st century, has highlighted that thinking outside the box.  

At GBA, we have a full entrepreneurial curriculum.  Lessons include Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Human Resources, Production, Networking, 10 euro bonus ohne einzahlung, Manufacturing, Global Awareness, pre workout without caffeine, and Environmental Literacy as it pertains to Entrepreneurialism.
Business Courses focus on business application and laws involving entrepreneurship. An 80 hour Internship allow students to work in a field of interest to experience the specific duties required by that industry.

Sounds like business?

What makes this truly entrepreneurial, rather than just business, is our infusion of entrepreneurial values and skills into the general curriculum. Our course of study utilizes an integrated entrepreneur thematic approach, that follows the curriculum set forth by the National Center Standards for Entrepreneurial Education.  Skills such as creativity, innovation, leadership, ethics, teamwork, persistence, risk-taking, the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve stated objectives, are what our students strive to meet. We encourage them to act upon opportunities and ideas, and transform them into value for our society.

Entrepreneurial education begins in middle school, where students participate in entrepreneurial concepts, the basics of being an entrepreneur, and exploring entrepreneurialism in every industry. Students apply the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, so basic knowledge and skills can be developed. Students are required to develop business ideas on how to solve a world problem or make life better for our world. They write business plans, resumes and run (student) businesses, whilst providing services to the community.

We partner with community businesses, entrepreneurs and executives, that share their experiences with our students, while helping develop their ideas into fruition. With globalization, we feel our students need these entrepreneurial skills and abilities to thrive in an ever-changing world. This entrepreneur curriculum furthers GBA’s goals of educating students to be globally competitive and successful in the 21st Century.